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Event Audio and PA Hire.

Discover highly intelligible speech and distinct musical detail.

Sound intelligibility is the measurement of how comprehensible an audio source is within a defined set of conditions. In the case of your event, the quality of your speech or musical performance can be greatly influenced by a dynamic range of factors; including, but certainly not limited to; the number of people present; the size of the coverage area; the presence of background noise or reverberation; and perhaps most importantly of all, the properties of the PA System hired.

CMG Audio Visual boast an intimate understanding of these factors, utilising the only state-of-the-art Pre-Visualisation and 3D-Modelling system in regional NSW to plot out the proposed event space - distributing optimal sound through equal coverage, ideal volume and the very highest levels of both speech intelligibility and musical clarity.

Your message or performance is then able to be delivered as intended through the very-latest in high-end, technologically-advanced audio equipment, loudspeakers and low-frequency control elements from five of the world’s most enviable audio brands: Meyer Sound, L’Acoustics, Shure, Sennheiser and Midas Consoles.

Designed and operated by some of the most experienced audio engineers in the Illawarra, CMG Audio Visual is able deliver an unparalleled level of audio intelligibility, impact and reliability the likes of which has never before been seen - or more precisely heard - in Wollongong, the South Coast or Southern Highlands.