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Meyer Sound Mina Meyer Sound Leopard Meyer Sound 900-LFC

Line Arrays.

Expand your range and sound. 

What is a Line Array? 

Line arrays are a loudspeaker system where multiple speakers are mounted and fed in-phase. They enable sound waves to be sent out further and create an evenly distributed output pattern.

Line arrays are mainly oriented in a vertical position, which allows the sound to be focused on the audience directly. Sound can be lost in large outdoor venues and large concert halls, and that is where line arrays are most efficient.

As well as enabling sound waves to reach further points, line arrays are incredibly practical as well, especially for set up purposes. The enclosures on line arrays link together and commonly hang from a single point, enabling convenient assembly.

The curved nature of line arrays towards the bottom allow for more dispersion from the bottom and to focus on audience members who may be below the loudspeakers.

CMG Audio Visual houses a range of line arrays which are sure to stun the crowd at your next event and make heads turn. They range from the compact Meyer Sound Mina, to the Meyer Sound 900-LFC. CMG Audio Visual is also proud to stock Australia's first Meyer Sound Leopard Line Array which produces stunning audio reproduction which needs to be heard to be believed. 

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