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Meyer Sound UPJ-1P Meyer Sound UPA-1P Meyer Sound USW-1P L-Acoustics 112P L-Acoustics 108P L-Acoustics SB15P K&M Loudspeaker Stand K&M Round Base Speaker Stands Meyer Sound MM-4XP Meyer Sound MM-10 Meyer Sound MSL-4P Meyer Sound CQ-1P Meyer Sound CQ-2P Meyer Sound 650-P Meyer Sound UM-100P Meyer Sound USM-100P RMS Remote Monitoring System Meyer Sound 700-HP


Reproduce the original Sound.

What makes a great loudspeaker? 

A clear audio reproduction of the sound source is integral, and quality loudspeakers can deliver that and more.

Loudspeakers enable the audience to hear what they need to hear, and produce a sound that is faithful to the original. There is no supplement for quality when it comes to loudspeakers.

Dynamic speakers are the most widely used today, as they actually act in a similar fashion to dynamic microphones, except in reverse. A diaphragm attached to a coil is forced to move rapidly, pushing air and therefore creating sound waves.

Loudspeakers are instantly recognisable since they are typically housed within an enclosure. The enclosure is actually extremely important to the sound of the speaker since it enables multiple loudspeakers to be placed in the same space, with each loudspeaker producing a different part of the audible frequency range.

Loudspeakers are critical in the sound reinforcement of an event. They can come in many sizes and lend an incredible amount of versatility, so no matter what size of event or venue, there is a loudspeaker perfect for the situation.

Luckily, at CMG Audio Visual, we hold a fantastic range of loudspeakers for every situation. All are of an outstanding quality, and deliver amazing sound reproduction. 

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