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Connect With Your Audience.

Do I need a Quality Microphone? 

Microphones are the connector to you and your audience. When they are poor quality, you lose that crucial connection, and it can severely dampen your performance.

CMG Audio Visual prides itself on supplying the absolute best in quality microphones. From legendary names - to the revolutionary - these will enhance your sound beyond anything you've heard before.

Microphones come in many varieties, so it helps to know what you need, and CMG Audio Visual can help you with that.

Condenser microphones produce a high-quality audio signal that is primarily suited to the recording studio. The sound wave has less work to do in condenser microphones which make it popular for that application since it can be more sensitive and accurate. While versatile, condenser microphones are popular with instrumentation, ranging from drums to guitar.

Dynamic microphones are the other main type of microphone that you will comes across. These can be seen used mainly for vocal roles such as singing or speaking since they are robust and extremely resistant to moisture. Dynamic microphones, while also applicable in the studio, are popular for use on the stage because of their high gain-before-feedback, which allows the microphone to still perform through the multiple sound sources coming from the stage, including the vocals.

CMG Audio Visual stock a huge range of microphones including the legendary Shure SM57 and SM58, as well as Sennheiser and Beyer. 

Searching for an affordable Audio or PA Hire solution? Call 1300 814 568 and speak to the specialist team at CMG Audio Visual.