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Mixing Consoles and Desks.

Gain complete control over your sound.

Mixing consoles allow for complete control over the sound reproduction. Whether its changing the levels of sound or adding effects, a fantastic mix of sound can be created. 

Mixing consoles are used in a variety of applications. They can be found in the studio, at live events, radio and even in TV broadcasts, all places where the levels of sound from several different sources need to be controlled.

They can also provide phantom power to microphones, filter sound sources, provide equalisation and add other effects. The mixer output can also be recorded for later use and produces a much higher quality recording direct from the source then a camera would at a live event.

Digital mixing consoles offer more versatility compared to their analog counterparts, especially in the case of live events. More functions can be performed at the touch of a button, and consoles can even be remotely controlled from an iPad, allowing the engineer to mix from anywhere in the venue.

CMG Audio Visual stock a huge range of mixing consoles that can suit any application. Whether you only need a compact mixing console for small functions, or a larger mixer for events which call for many outputs, CMG Audio Visual has you covered. 

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