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Martin JEM Compact Hazer Pro Martin JEM ZR44 Martin MAC 101 Martin Rush MH6 Wash Martin MAC 350 Clay Paky Stormy CC Clay Paky Mythos LightSky AquaBeam Martin MAC Quantum Wash Vulcan CO2 Hazer

Effect Lighting.

Make your vision a reality. 

How can lighting create effects? 

Effect lighting provides unique visuals to any space. The ability to create amazing and interesting spectacles are what effect lights thrive on.

From incredible beams of light, to a fine mist or a thick fog, effect lighting can produce it, and can create the vision that you're after.

At CMG Audio Visual, our range of effect lighting is always being tested to see what formations work best and deliver an outstanding production.

In the range is the Clay Paky Mythos. Staying true to the epic nature of the name, the Mythos produces an incredibly sharp and pronounced beam of light that can be used in many applications. It is also nimble and quite versatile, as well as making minimal noise in its movements.

The Martin JEM Compact Hazer Pro is a hazer machine that can deliver a subtle mist, or make its presence felt with a thick fog not out of place in a concert venue. If it wasn't for the haze, you would barely know the Hazer Pro was there, with a low noise level making it completely versatile. 

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