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Grand MA Dot2 XL-F LSC Advanced Power System Jands 4PAK-D Dimmer

Lighting Consoles.

Take control of your lighting display.

What controls the lights at an event?   

Lighting consoles are the backbone of a professional lighting rig. Allowing complete control of your lighting set up, as well as being able to make it live and breathe, is the primary role of the lighting console range at CMG Audio Visual.

Allowing for sequences, separate power sources, programming and a host of other applications make lighting consoles and power systems an attractive choice for a lighting rig, particularly if you want to reach another level in the lighting production.

CMG Audio Visual is proud to stock the Grand MA Dot2 XL-F lighting console, which, while compact, is right at home in theatres, on tour, on television and in corporate events. It possesses three touch screens allowing for incredible ease-of-use and clever design.

The LSC Advanced Power System is the solution to your power distribution needs. With individual outputs allowing for sequencing and linking possibilities when more than 12 circuits are needed, the LSC Advanced Power System is a fantastic power solution. 

Searching for an affordable Event Design or Lighting Hire solution? Call 1300 814 568 and speak to the specialist team at CMG Audio Visual.