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Staging Design & Assembly Draping & Rigging Lecterns

Event Staging Design and Structural Hire.

The certified foundation for success.

The key element to staging is the ability to adapt to the space given, and CMG Audio Visual are experts at creating flexible structures for a memorable performance anywhere. 

The staging and structural design is an essential part of any live performance, and that's why it's enormously important to get it exactly right. 

CMG Audio Visual has a range of flexible staging options which allows any venue to design their next stage without the hassle of having to worry about space limitations. 

In staging design and assembly, carpet tiles offer a simple solution for covering any floor space needed. It offers a great touch to any area and with the enormous variety available at CMG Audio Visual, there is a carpet tile to match any theme, furthering the flexibility of the stage design.

ProLyte decks offer a simple solution to staging needs, and are entirely versatile, applicable to both indoor and outdoor events. 

CMG Audio Visual also offer a range of rigging solutions for professional events. Whether it is for the simple setup, or the more extravagant, CMG Audio Visual has you covered for Event Staging and Structural Hire