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Staging Design and Assembly.

What makes the best stage design? 

Stage assembly needs to be simple, allowing efficient setup and no time wasted. Stage design needs to be exactly the same so there is no confusion, enabling your vision to come to life smoothly and accurately. 

At CMG Audio Visual, these components are the most important, and our range is specifically tailored to suit those needs. 

Carpet tiles are the simple solution for covering any floor space needed. They offer a great touch and with the enormous variety available at CMG Audio Visual, there is a carpet tile to match any theme, furthering the flexibility of the stage design.  

ProLyte decks come in a variety of sizes, are linear in their design, and entirely versatile. Applicable to both indoor and outdoor events, universal leg fittings make for an even easier setup.

CMG Audio Visual also stocks cable solutions, such as trays and protectors, providing cable management where it is most needed. 

Searching for affordable Event Staging or Structural Hire solution? Call 1300 814 568 and speak to the specialist team at CMG Audio Visual.