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Weddings & Engagement.

Special solutions perfected for Weddings.

Make your wedding reception and ceremony everything you’ve always dreamt of. Our expert Team will take you through a fantastic selection of Audio Visual and Lighting solutions that will create an everlasting impression.

From subtle lighting elements to suit your theme and colour choice, the impact and overall WOW-factor of large crystal chandeliers, or the option of beautiful LED fairy lights sparkling throughout your venue or entranceway, CMG AV have the ability to make your special day absolutely unique.

Let us take the stress out of planning Audio Visual for your wedding or engagement party as we turn your idea into reality. CMG AV can deliver Wedding production services in any Venue in NSW, and regularly deliver reliable high-quality audio, lighting and big screen AV solutions for Wedding bands and DJ’s throughout the Illawarra, Sydney and Southern Highlands.

Planning your Wedding or Engagement Party? Call 1300 814 568 today and find your perfect match with CMG Audio Visual.

Why choose CMG AV for your Wedding or Engagement?

CMG AV specialise in providing high-impact Audio Visual and Lighting Services for weddings and engagement parties throughout the Illawarra, Sydney and Southern Highlands. Through years of experience, our Team understand the importance of creative design, engaging content and pinpoint precision as key factors in achieving a memorable wedding reception, ceremony or engagement party.

It's your special day, so why not put the spotlight on your relationship with innovative LED Screen and Projection solutions that showcase your partner and lifestyle to family and friends. You can display images of the two of you or a video of your engagement, or experience a wedding-themed digital stage set that can feature exciting imagery of fireworks, candles or anything else that you may like.

All the way from concept to completion, you can expect highly-intelligible audio, ultra-bright projection, engaging visual effects and lighting that puts your relationship in the spotlight. Start today, discover just how easy, affordable and hassle-free partnering your special day with CMG AV can be.

Speak to one of our expert Project Coordinators today on 1300 814 568 for an obligation-free event proposal and Quotation.

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