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Sennheiser e 945. 

Dynamic Vocal Microphone. 

The working musician’s microphone and a road-worthy piece of equipment, the Sennheiser e 945 is designed to perform under pressure and withstand it all. Under stress, the e 945 is still able to deliver a smooth response, so there is confidence that it will always produce.

Formed from metal, the Sennheiser e 945 is a rugged piece of equipment and always reliable. It also has a low sensitivity to impact and handling noise, as well as a neodymium ferrous magnet with boron that keeps the microphone stable no matter what the climate.

When you want vocals to cut through the mix, this is an ideal choice. The Sennheiser e 945's narrow pick-up pattern and fantastic power means the vocals will never be lost among the other instruments.

Made to be tough, but also to cut through and deliver a smooth sound, the Sennheiser e 945 is a complete microphone.

Sennheiser e 945 Key Features and Specifications: 

  • Connector: XLR-3
  • Frequency response: 40 to 18000 Hz 
  • Weight: 365 g 

Microphone Hire or Long-Term Rental: 

CMG Audio Visual is pleased to offer affordable daily hire rates or a range of discounted long-term rental options that can be tailored to your exact requirements - no matter your budget, preference or timescale.

In selecting CMG Audio Visual as your preferred AV supplier, you will gain access to unparalleled AV technical assistance, troubleshooting advice and after-hours phone support as well as guaranteed on time delivery through regional NSW’s largest AV Hire and Event Production vehicle fleet. 

To ensure peace of mind through complete reliability, all AV equipment is rigorously tested prior to delivery. As the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands only accredited member of the Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technologies Association (ACETA) and the Australasian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA), you can rest assured that all equipment is well maintained and sourced exclusively from Distributors and Manufacturers that comply with Australian regulations and design specifications. 

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