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Vulcan Smoke Generator.

Extremely persistent and powerful.

The Vulcan Smoke generator is Concept's most powerful oil based smoke generator. An updated variant of the best selling ViCount smoke generator, the Vulcan incorporates a number of significant enhancements to the performance of the system, with advanced microprocessor technology giving precise control over operating temperature and smoke on / off periods. The Vulcan can also operate continuously at maximum output, meaning there will be no gaps in the smoke output on stage.

The smoke output from the Vulcan is extremely persistent, depending on the grade of Smoke Oil, the Vulcan can persist to 200°C before evaporation commences. The Vulcan smoke is also unaffected in fast moving air streams / turbulent conditions making it the perfect hazer for outdoor events.  

Vulcan Smoke Generator Key Features and Specifications:

  • Weight: 28kg 
  • 2800W Heat Exchange
  • 230V AC Power Supply
  • 4 minute warm up time
  • Max output duration: 60 minutes

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