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Pandoras Box Media Server

Custom Set Design.

Bring your dream set to life.

What is custom set Design?

Custom set design allows true freedom in what is able to be created for shows, events and productions. Designing your own completely custom set is made possible thanks to digital image compositing and being able to render large scale images and video. 

CMG Audio Visual possess a sharp design-focus, and that's what makes the Pandora's Box Media Server such a perfect fit in CMG Audio Visual's inventory. The high quality server is able to deliver unlimited graphic and video layers, while offering real-time compositing in full 3D.

CMG Audio Visual have the creative minds needed to render fully unique designs that can either play the role of backdrop at an event, or be the focus of everyone's attention at your next show. It provides the freedom and tools needed to truly take projection and vision as a whole, to the next level. 

Searching for a Custom Set Design solution? Call 1300 814 568 and speak to the specialist team at CMG Audio Visual.


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