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Meyer Sound 700-HP Subwoofer now at CMG Audio Visual.

CMG AV now boasts the ultra-high power of the Meyer Sound 700-HP subwoofer, complete with unsurpassed bass clarity and incredibly high peak power output.

With almost double the performance of the Meyer Sound 650-P subwoofer, the Meyer Sound 700-HP subwoofer sets all-new heights for the ratio of performance to size. The 700 HP delivers a high and sustained working level with extremely high impulse response and little to no distortion over its entire working range. The working frequency range from 25 Hz to 150 Hz complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers and straight and curved arrays in audio applications that require the largest possible headroom at low frequencies.

The casing of the 700-HP is made of multi-layered hardwood and covered with a black texture finish. Integrated metal grills filled with acoustic foam protect the drivers. Plastic runners are attached to the bottom of the enclosure to prevent damage to the interior or the surrounding box. These runners match the slots in the top of the box, which ensures stable stacking.

The 700-HP is completely stackable, can be rigged, and can be transported as an array depending on your needs. It is perfect for stadiums and arenas, while also being applicable to theatres and parks.  


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