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Meyer Sound.

Premium Equipment Partner.

Synonymous with audio excellence and innovation, Meyer Sound is one of - if not the most - highly regarded audio brands in the world. Admired in the entertainment industry and often a first-choice in technical riders for high-end touring systems, Meyer Sound has been devoted to the continuous development of cutting-edge audio products since its establishment in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer.

Through our newly created Meyer Sound Rental House division, CMG Audio Visual is proud to be a leading supplier of Meyer Sound equipment in Australasia, delivering impressive sound and an extensive inventory of Meyer Sound loudspeakers, rigging and turnkey touring systems for large arenas, theaters and mid-size stadiums alike.

Meyer Sound Rental Equipment:

  • LYON Linear Line Array Loudspeakers
  • 1100-LFC Low-Frequency Control Elements
  • LEOPARD Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeakers
  • 900-LFC Compact Low-Frequency Control Elements
  • MINA Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeakers
  • MJF-210 High-Powered Stage Monitors
  • AMIE Precision Studio Monitors
  • AMIE Sub Compact Cinema Subwoofers
  • UPA-1P Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeakers
  • UPJ-1P Compact VariO Loudspeakers
  • UPM-1P Ultra-Compact Loudspeaker
  • USW-1P Compact Subwoofers
  • MSL-4 Self-Powered Reinforcement Loudspeaker
  • CQ-1 Wide Coverage Main Loudspeaker
  • 700-HP Ultra High-Powered Subwoofers
  • 650-P High-Powered Subwoofers
  • MM4-XP Self-Powered Miniature Loudspeakers
  • Galileo GALAXY 816 Network Processors
  • Galileo GALAXY AES Network Processors
  • Galileo Callisto Array Processors
  • SIM3 Audio Analyzer
  • MDM-5000 Signal Distribution Modules
  • Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS)
  • Rigging, Fly and Transition Grids
  • Socapex/LK-37

For a full Meyer Sound rental equipment list and element quantities please call 1300 814 568 or email


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