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Corporate Functions & Conferences.

Professional Audio Visual Solutions.

No matter the chosen venue, you can rely on the Team from CMG Audio Visual to streamline the event delivery of your next corporate function or meeting, through a range of top-tier Audio Visual services and innovative production solutions that can be transported and supplied anywhere in NSW (Australia).

No matter the objective, it can be better achieved through highly-intelligible Audio, ultra-bright Vision and impactful Lighting. In fact, the perceived quality of the content and engagement of the audience can be greatly influenced by the method of delivery, creativity of the medium and precision of the execution – all of which are determining factors in the overall successful of the event.

Your confidence is assured through proven AV solutions that deliver time and time again, thanks to a world-class inventory, access to a wealth of industry knowledge, and the assistance of a dedicated Project Coordinator – assisting you with the complex process of planning your corporate event from start to finish.


What Vision are you looking at for your Meetings and Conferences?

Depending on what your event size is, we here at CMG can provide you with a multiple of options due to our extensive range of Lighting products and more to achieve that perfect ambience for your meeting or conference. By providing excellent value to our clients, CMG Audio Visual strives to uphold positive working relationships with organisations resulting in a cohesive event and our Audio Visual Event Hire showcases outstanding systems and designs which help make your event planning stress free no matter how complex your event is.

What sound equipment do you need?

Sound is the most important feature when organising a large event. Depriving your guests from good sound at any event will look unprofessional, or even worse, completely fail. When launching a new product or hosting a corporate event, it is essential that each individual can clearly hear what is occurring as it raises awareness for your company or brand and enhances your engagement. CMG Audio Visual has world-class systems that go above and beyond reflecting outstandingly upon your company. We also have the tools and experience to ensure your event is of the highest quality. Our professionals evaluate your location and size in order create the perfect layout, therefore hiring from CMG Audio Visual would mean all critical elements of your night are managed by our specialist team to ensure interaction and communication work effectively.

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